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Thank you Osaka Bird Festival バードフェスティバル大阪 御礼 [展覧会]

松葉ブース (Medium).jpg
At the Japan Bird Festival in Abiko (Chiba), most of booths are outside, it is greatly influenced by the weather. The Osaka Bird Festival is excellent inside or covered outside.

This time it looked like rain, but a lot of bird and wildlife enthusiasts got together at the festival. So I could make use of Japanese Paper Stencil I borrowed from a dyer by the medium of Japanese Tenugui shop (Todaya Shoten Co., Ltd.)
Designers like me rarely see this silk gauze, called “Sha”, stretched on a Paper Stencil, much less people in general. I got an opportunity to display it with completed Tenugui.

Everyone at the Osaka Bird Festival was really nice.
Mr. Kobayashi of Todaya Shoten Co., Ltd accepted my request to borrow a Japanese Paper Stencil. The craftsman; Mr. Kawai made this Japanese Paper Stencil.
The Bird Rescue Society of Japan’s staff gave me an opportunity to make an Ural Owl Tenugui. When I left my booth, they looked after it and give a few gifts to me at the festival.
Many people came to the Matsuba-gaboh Tenugui booth. I received help and assistance from a lot of people. Thank you everyone.


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バードフェスティバル大阪 一部展示を始めました [展覧会]

RIMG3160 (Medium).JPG
バードフェスティバル大阪の展示準備を一番乗りで始める.戸田屋商店さんを通じて染工場から送っていただいた形紙をここではじめて開封し驚く.こ,これは,もしかして噂に聞きし本物の柿渋和紙と絹の紗では・・・!? 現在注文する形紙は,いずれもプラスチックでできているものがほとんどで,クロス紙に代用のテトロン紗が張られている.
(参照:伊勢形紙見学・其の三「職人」 伊勢形紙見学・其の一「つり」

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