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「梟吹雪」手拭モデル紹介 The model of the "Ural Owl in the Snowstorm" [いきもの紹介]

The owl in the “Ural Owl in the Snowstorm”’ Tenugui is called Shozabro Actagawa (actually, this first name is male in Japanese, but the owl is female). She lives at “Aquapia Akutagawa (a museum for the Akuta river)” in Takatsuki, Osaka. She is a wounded bird. She had injures to her light body, so she cannot fly. I reflected her light eye and wing in the Tenugui design. I went to Aquapia twice and I took many close up photographs.

Toes and talons ゆびとつめつめ.JPG
Such close up detailed photographs are rare, but those are necessary for artists. Should I make an only toes of birds photo book by myself?


Tail お
This photograph was not any help to me, so I searched for Ural Owl's tail photographs at library. However, Ural Owl's tails are mostly hidden by branches or trunks... I went to watch Ural Owls at a Zoo, but they had poor feathers because those were changing and growing. I was disappointed!


Eyes め
She is not going to wink, but she is lovely.


her teary-eyes are cute, aren't they?

Sadly, she flew away to heaven in January 2017. I wanted to meet you again with the completed Tenugui. Thank you so much. I loved you.

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いきもの紹介 ブログトップ